The A-3 Targets Exercise

The A-3 Targets exercise is a great way to bring some discipline to your financial planning function.  A-3 is short for “Annual” and “3 Months”.

Philip Campbell describes the process in a recent blog post.




Financial Forecasting Webinar – October 14, 2014






I’m excited to announce a brand new, free webinar on the power of financial forecasting. You will learn how to use financial forecasts and projections to enhance confidence, credibility and trust with everyone interested in (and invested in) the financial success of your company.

Creating the forward looking view of financial performance is a surprisingly effective way for entrepreneurs (and CFOs) to play a more strategic and vital role in the future of your organization.

Here’s what happens when you create clarity and insight using forecasts:

  • You discover the importance of identifying and focusing on the key drivers of financial performance
  • You avoid nasty surprises
  • You begin to view financial information as an effective decision-making tool
  • You begin paying closer attention to the financial statements(because they take on new meaning)
  • And not long after that, results start to improve. Profitability and cash flow begin to grow. And that puts a big smile on everyone’s face!

There’s never been a better time to take your game to the next level and jump into the exciting, rewarding and strategic aspects of helping build a business that wins financially.

And it all starts with becoming really good at financial forecasting.



Philip Campbell





Philip Campbell, author of the book Never Run Out of Cash, and the soon to be released book, Financial Forecasting for CFOs and Controllers, and Rusty Luhring, developer of SurvivalWare, will show you how to create a financial forecast you can trust… and how to avoid the single biggest mistake people make when creating a financial forecast or projection.

This webinar will help you tap into the unique and exciting benefits that financial forecasting can unlock for you, your CEO and your company as a whole.

Small Data, Big Results

It seems like you can’t turn around without reading yet another article about Big Data and how it is transforming our lives as business people and entrepreneurs.  Big Data is everywhere:  page views, visitors, clicks, eyeballs, cookies, the Twitter fire hose,  cross referenced databases – you name it – we are inundated.  A month or so ago there was an article in the Wall Street Journal about Data Scientists – the next Big Thing in occupations you wished you had gone into when you were first starting out.  Companies are paying $200,000 to $300,000 a year for the privilege of employing these people to sift through mountains of data – overflowing warehouses of the stuff – to discern tiny shifts in consumer behavior that can translate into millions of dollars in sales if you get it right.

But first things first.  You’ve got to make sure you are making money and creating cash flow.  It doesn’t matter how good you get at mining data if you run out of cash in the process.  If you haven’t done so already, read Philip Campbell’s classic book “Never Run Out of Cash.”  He’s got a new one in the works on Financial Forecasting for CFOs and Controllers to help you turn financial analysis and forecasting into a strategic advantage for your company.  We at SurvivalWare applaud Philip’s approach, and are determined to help you focus on the Right Data.  Starting with a small amount of data – historical financial statements and a few key drivers – and combined with decent analysis and modeling – can produce big results.  That’s right:  small data, big results.  SurvivalWare is a tool that can help make this happen.

Understanding Your Cash Flow in 10 Minutes or Less – Webinar May 20, 2104

We just put the finishing touches on the content for today’s webinar featuring Philip Campbell and his Cash Flow Focus report.   The Cash Flow Focus Report is designed to help you understand your cash flow in 10 minutes or less each month.  There are still seats available – so please register if you haven’t already.  A link to the recorded webinar will be sent to all who register.

In addition to Philip’s spiel, I’ll be showing off some of the features in SurvivalWare Simple, which we are officially releasing today.  Another reason to register for today’s webinar at 1:00 p.m. EDT – special discounts on our Concierge QuickStart service available until June 1, 2014.  You have to watch the webinar to get the discount code!


Here is a link to the recorded webinar.  Depending on your browser, it may download the file first (about 93 MB).  If it does, you can double click on the file after it downloads to view it on your PC.



Philip Campbell’s Online Course on Understanding Your Cash Flow in 10 Minutes or Less

Philip Campbell in his never ending quest to teach business owners about cash flow has developed a great new online course.  Straight from the horse’s mouth:

In my new online course I show you how to understand your cash flow in less than 10 minutes a month. And l teach you how to explain what happened to your cash last month to your business partner or CEO (maybe even your spouse) in a 2-minute conversation.

Wouldn’t it be wise to know what happened to your cash last month? Less than 10 minutes a month is all it takes. I provide a 100% money back guarantee to prove it to you. You love my new online course… or I eat the cost.

Check it out at:

You need accurate financial statements every month, not once a year

Philip Campbell just posted an excellent article called “Does Your CPA Have to Fix Your Financial Statements for You?”  He points out that corrections are made because transactions have been left out or recorded improperly.  This is generally done once a year. In the meantime you are managing your business based on bad information.  He says the wise thing to do is create accurate information every month.

Check out the full article.  Bravo Philip!

Winning at the Game of Business: Financial Management as a Competitive Weapon

This is a free webinar coming up in a week.  I think’s it going to be a good one.  Here’s the announcement from SurvivalWare describing the webinar, and a link to register if you’d like to attend.  (In the interests of full disclosure, I am one of the presenters).

Philip Campbell





Philip Campbell, author of “Never Run Out of Cash” kicks off the presentation with some sound advice about how to whip your company’s finances into shape.  He preaches the virtues of a Monthly Confidence Package for investors, lenders, and key members of your management team.  Philip is adamant that the monthly set of financial reports must include cash flow projections in addition to historical financial statements and commentary.  Entertaining as always, Philip shows you how to keep on top of your finances, and win the hearts and minds of those who can help you win financially in business. 

Hands-On Image 



Rusty Luhring follows with a “hand-on”  demo of how to do what Philip preaches using SurvivalWare.  At the end of the Nuts and Bolts session of creating a Monthly Confidence Package, you get a sneak preview of SurvivalWare KPI Dashboard,  which takes KPIs out of SurvivalWare and puts them into the “cloud”, accessible through web browsers, iPhone, or iPad. 

 Thursday January 26, 2012   11 a.m. EST

Rusty Luhring photo






Join Philip Campbell and me for a fast-paced, free webinar designed to get you motivated about taking the financial management of your company to the next level, and show you the tools to get it done.


It’s Thursday January 26th, at 11a.m. Eastern U.S. Time – 8 a.m. Pacific Time.  


There’s no cost! 


Register Now 


We always get a great turnout when Philip and I team up – so be sure to register early.  Cheapskates that we are, our GoToWebinar susbscription limits us to 100 attendees.