Setting up SurvivalWare to Run on a Network – Part 1: Sharing Data

Many customers have asked how to setup SurvivalWare to run on a network so that a common data file can be shared.  This is desirable when you have a controller updating monthly data for an owner or CFO, and both want access to the data.   Keeping the data on the network is nice for a single user as well.   That way, the data is backed up regularly whenever the network is backed up.

This blog article shows you how to point SurvivalWare to access data in a shared folder.   We will publish Part 2:  Sharing custom logic and reports in a later article.

Here’s how to share SurvivalWare data on a network:

1. Set up a common data folder on the network (you may need to get a network administrator to do this for you)

2. Copy the files from the data folder on your local PC to the network folder.

NOTE: If you are using the Simple model, the data folder is called c:\survware\simple\data\.  If you are running the FortKnox model, it is called  c:\survware\FortKnox\data\.

Then from each PC running SurvivalWare:

3. In User Settings, set the default data path to this new network folder

4. Open your MTX file on the network by selecting File / Open Existing Company

NOTE:   If two people open a SurvivalWare file at the same time, the person who saves last “wins” – i.e. any changes made by that person prior to saving will be the changes saved in that file.


The contents of the local data folder have already been copied to the S: drive on the network.

In SurvivalWare,  select Company Setup from the Main Menu:

Company Setup





Then select User Settings:




Set the Default Data Path to the shared folder on the S: drive:

Default Data Path







Click “Save” and you are done.