A Brighter Future – Maybe

This was the title of an Article in today’s Wall Street Journal in the Small Business section (page B5 of the print edition).

A Brighter future for small business






Some interesting tidbits:

They estimate the number of American small businesses at nearly 30 million.  There are a lot of us out there!

Companies loosen their purse strings – a little:

Many of the outlays will be geared toward improving sales without hurting cash flow.  That means investing in technology to reduce overhead, and increasing productivity through work-force training and development..

Sounds to me like there needs to be some serious cash flow planning going on.  Time to jump on the SurvivalWare bandwagon!

The bad news:

Continued weakness in the housing market is still a challenge for many business owners, who are prevented from tapping home equity or from using their homes as collateral for secured bank loans.

The good news:

Small business loan approvals by small banks and credit unions have climbed steadily since the start of the year and are now roughly half of all applications…

This in contrast to an approval rate of 10% from banks with assets of more than $10 billion.  I know where to target my next loan application!

Here is the full article: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204720204577126672345172312.html


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