Newt Gingrich learns about managing cash flow the hard way

Running a political campaign can be a lot like starting up a business.  Things change quickly, and you really have to keep an eagle eye on the cash flow.

Yesterday’s Washington Post (10/30/2011) had a page 1 article about Newt’s improving fortunes in the presidential race.  (Newt Gingrich: GOP’s consummate survivor is back on his feet)

Alluding to his difficulties in late spring / early summer there is a delicious quote:

He said he hadn’t grasped the full extent of his campaign’s precariousness, which still included more than $1 million in debt in his third-quarter filing, because “I was looking at cash on hand and didn’t realize they weren’t paying the bills.”


Ignore your complete financial statements at your own peril!  Also, one more reason to do Cash Flow Projections.




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