Shining the Light on Franchisee Profitability and Cash Flow



I just got off the phone with Philip Campbell (my business partner and author of the book, “Never Run Out of Cash”).  Philip just got back from appearing on a panel at the International Franchise Association (IFA)  annual conference.  He said there was standing room only for the session – maybe 80 to 100 people.


Here’s how they promoted the session to attendees:

§         Learn how to improve franchisee profits and cash flow §         Focusing on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)  You can’t manage what you don’t measure §         Learn how to make franchisees WANT to share their P&Ls with you.  §         Learn how to create healthy internal competition amongst franchisees, for record breaking performance. §         Learn how to accelerate the growth of your system with the right people  §         Learn how to make all of the above work to the advantage of your franchise sales process 

Philip has made available his slides and a sample Profitability Model written in Crystal XCelsius to illustrate some of his points at this URL:


Philip preaches that just giving visibility to the key measures is a step in the right direction.  If you start watching a particular measure, you will make sure it improves.  I’m going to test that theory by posting my weight at the top of each blog entry starting today.  If it doesn’t start going down over the coming weeks and months, then we know that Philip’s theory is all wrong.


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